Forklift, class 1 to 7

The official training on Fork Lift covers all aspects that a user must know to receives his cards and be accreditated according to the B335-15 and ASME B56.1, 1993.

The formation include both a theorical and a practical section. Group discussion, exercices, readings, video and pictures are all part of the training.

The theorical portion covers :

  • Laws and regulations
  • Politicis and user manual
  • The forklift's caracteristics
  • How to inpsect and start your lift
  • How to properly user and move with the forklift
  • How to deal with the external elements

During the practical portion of the training, the participant will be able to practice with the lift during 30 minutes with the former.

The trainings are available at our office in Longueuil, but can also be done at your office or on a construction site.

For more information, you can contact us at 1 (833) 360-3330 or at