Excavator Kubota KX-080 8 tons

Excavator Kubota KX-080 8 tons

Working height :

8 feet

Width :

7 feet 2 po

Capacity :

7 200 lb

Weight :

18 365 Lbs

Floor height :

8 feet 4 po

Lenght :

21 feet 1 po

Motorization :

  • Gas

Bucket width :

7 feet 2 po

Air conditioning cabin :

Download the specification sheet .pdf
  • Dig depth 15'
  • Overall width 7,2'
  • Air conditioning cabin
  • 2 auxiliary hydraulic outputs
  • Steel tracks

Kubota's KX080-4 excavator will allow you to perform heavy exacavatio work with a powerful and reliable machine. With the high energy efficiency of Kubota's models, you will be able to get through your entire day without having to refuel, which will result in less loss of efficiency and better economy. With its great power of more than 8 tons, the utility excavator will allow you to dig and move without any difficulty. In addition, the numerous features of the unit will allow the operator to operate the excavator easily and precisely, while saving time.

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