New Multitel Pagliero Distributor For Canada

New Multitel Pagliero Distributor For Canada

Multitel Pagliero SpA, European leader in lifting equipment, has chosen SOSEQUIPEMENT.COM / SOSLOCATION.CA as its distributor for Canada.This will be in charge of unit assembly, after-sales service, as well as the sale and rental of their products.

For nearly 15 years, SOSEQUIPEMENT.COM / SOSLOCATION.CA has specialized in the rental and sale of lifting equipment.

Based in the Montreal (Quebec) region, their mission is to offer professional service, connection and a human experience to all their customers and suppliers. The two companies worked together to standardize the products that will be used to promote the Multitel Pagliero brand of equipment in Canada.

Roberto Marangoni, International Sales Manager at Multitel, said: This agreement reinforces Multitel's current expansion policy in new markets and allows our products and our brand to be known outside of Europe. The experience of SOSEQUIPEMENT.COM & SOSLOCATION.CA in the integration of specialized equipment and support will contribute to promoting the quality of our products, as well as our values as a manufacturer.

Philip Lavigne, President and CEO of SOSLOCATION.CA, said: It is a source of pride for our team to pursue our vision of growth with the team and products of Multitel Pagliero. We perceive in each of our exchanges their dedication and their vision for the future towards the elevation industry. The rental market and users from all sectors of industry will be delighted by the basket weight capacity, the versatility of the models, the quality of the products and the lightness of the units that will now be available on our North American vehicles.

Thank you to the entire Multitel Pagliero team for their support, their vision and their investment in this project.

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