How to determine what is the right equipment for you?

When shopping for equipment, research may initially seem complex: platform or basket? How high do I need? Will the place where I will operate be narrow or rather wide? We can quickly get lost...

How to determine what is the right equipment for you?

Here is a small guide to help you find the equipment that will meet your needs.

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First of all, you have to know what kind of work you’re going to do.

The equipment used to wash windows in the city is not at all the same as when shelving is done in a large-area store. You will have to analyse your needs throughout the project; if the equipment needs to travel, if it needs ground protection, if the basket needs a high load capacity, etc. When you contact us to make a rental, it is essential to inform us of any specification of your projects in order to clearly identify your needs. 

Once you have entered the type of work assigned to you, you will need to determine the work height you will need. Be careful here to distinguish between height and working height; height means height of equipment. A 3219 lift platform, for example, is 19 feet high.

The working height, on the other hand, means the height reached by the operator considering that he is six feet; the working height of a 3219 is therefore 25 feet. You will therefore have to consider this additional 6 feet when looking at the height of an equipment.

You will then have to consider several essential elements:

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