Operator training - operator card!

Sos Rentals offers all workers a professional training service to learn how to use lifting or excavation equipments.

Operator training - operator card!

The team offers you the opportunity to attend several types of training, including how to use a forklift or telescopic handler, or even for a lift platform and platform. These training courses, competent and personalized, will allow you to develop in one or more areas proposed by our trainers and thus learn how to operate the equipment safely and properly.

The main objective of the training is to teach you how to operate equipment so that you can use it safely. The trainer teaches you the work methods to adapt when using the equipment, as well as the errors to avoid and the main causes of injuries related to lifting equipment. The content of the training is as follows: 

-Responsibilities of the Machinery Operator: all tasks and responsibilities related to the use of an elevating platform or nacelle in a construction site context. You will learn the steps necessary to operate equipment safely, whether on a large or small site, or only for maintenance work.

-Detection of potential hazards: learn how to detect potential hazards in the work environment and how to prevent key sources of hazards. Using several statistics, the trainer informs the participants of the risks and sensitizes the future operators.

-Equipment Inspection: Train machine operators on how to identify problems that can affect lifting equipment. The training is intended to allow operators to perform a basic mechanical inspection according to the manufacturer’s standards. They will be able to repair equipment to be compliant, safe and ready to use.

-Control, operation and safety rules: learn how to properly control the lift or basket that will support the training. In addition, the trainer teaches future operators the safety standards and best practices to adopt to possibly maneuver the equipment in question. 

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