Why choose a Palazzani crawler lift better than a boom lift or telescopic lift ?

Since 2017, SOS Location is a proud distributor of the Palazzani caterpillar nacelles, an Italian-based lift company. Little known in America, caterpillar pods may seem complex or complicated to choose from in a project

Why choose a Palazzani crawler lift better than a boom lift or telescopic lift ?

First of all, the caterpillar nacelles are extremely compact in size. They can, for the most part, pass through standard man’s doors, which greatly facilitates the interior work. For example, the 73-foot tracked nacelle with a closed dimension of only 3 feet 3 inches (L) by 6 feet 6 inches (H) can safely pass through restricted areas. Then they have a very light weight, which makes it possible to transport with a standard trailer, in addition to not damaging fragile floors.A 105 foot Palazzani Caterpillar Basket weighs 13,096 lbs, while a 105-foot mast nacelle can weigh up to 42 549 lbs. Their light weight is highly appreciated by customers who do not want to damage their ground. Also, track nacelles have a working height ranging from 55 feet to 170 feet, allowing them to reach heights that other nacelles may not be able to reach.Their upright or articulated mast allows access to restricted and complex areas.

Palazzani caterpillar pods are designed according to customer needs. Indeed, several accessories can be added to make your caterpillar nacelle adapted to your needs. You can rent or buy a safety harness, stabilizers and safety cones. You also have the option of adding a winter starter kit to ensure you are working safely during the winter. When you buy a crawler pod, you can add water or air hoses to your equipment, a second-speed kit or a steel protection kit to protect the basket. The carrycots are customizable and fit well according to your needs, which allows you to work according to your requirements and to have a carrycot that corresponds to your projects.

Whether it’s for the rental or sale of caterpillar pods, Sos Location ensures that all your needs are met and that your construction projects are carried out.

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