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Excavator Kubota KX-040 4 tons

Excavator Kubota KX-040 4 tons

Working height :

8 feet

Width :

5 feet 6 po

Weight :

9195 Lbs

Floor height :

8 feet 1 po

Lenght :

16 feet 8 po

Motorization :

  • Gas

Bucket width :

5 feet 6 po

Rubber tracks :

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Kubota's KX040-4 model excavator is among the best on the market for compact excavators, combining several features that allow it to optimize every aspect of the machine. These include an advanced fuel economy system that automatically adjusts fuel combustion to provide only the amount of fuel needed for the job at hand. The exacavator allows the operator to work faster thanks to the machine's high power of 4 tons. In addition, the machine's great maneuverability will improve productivity by allowing the operator to move at will in tight spaces.

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